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BJA competition - referee positioning

I've been pondering writing this a post about this for some time, but never quite got round to it. So perhaps I'm a bit late amongst Judo bloggers to share some thoughts on the move to place the 2 judges to the side of the mat rather than on the corners of the mat, but here it is.
When a Judo contest is under way there are 3 referees watching the match and making decisions on the basis of majority decisions. It used to be that one central referee would make decisions about a contest, the judges, positioned at opposite corners of the contest area, would indicate if they agreed or not with the central referee. When there is a split decision, the decision is decided by 2/3.A few years back the IJF (the international Judo body) decided this didn't look very good for TV, so the judges were moved to one edge of the mat. I've not (yet)been involved with international refereeing. To be honest I'm not yet sure if I want to be! So for now I'll restrict this post to discu…

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