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Unfortunately JudoTime on this occasion doesn't mean it's time to go pick up some new bruises at training. No on this occasion I'm looking at where my time went in my Judo world. In 2020 I thought it would be interesting to see where all my time goes for my various Judo duties, all done on a voluntary basis. Of course while I wanted to track this data to try and work out where would be the best place to cut back a bit. I do far too much really for the Judo community. 2020 being the year it was, my records are hardly representative of a normal year! Y & H Judo I'm very involved with running Judo in the Yorkshire & Humberside area. As we didn't run events in 2020 there is no time recorded for organising events (organising behind the scenes, entry forms, website/social media updates, handling the entries, reffeeing).  I do still run the Y & H website and social media accounts though, that takes plenty of time up. Still not as much as usual though due to la

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